This Toolkit is a Done-For-You, Reiki Training Program for virtual or in-person teaching

This extraordinary Reiki Toolkit supplies Reiki Masters develop a dream course to unleash the power of healing into the world

The complete Oracle Reiki program was made by Reiki Masters,

ONLY for Reiki Masters longing to teach.

Unleash your healing light, and emerge as a Visionary Healer who raises the energy to light up the world!

Now more than ever, we need to rise as lightworkers. I believe that we have the power to heal the world. Step fully into our power and wisdom as Reiki Master Teachers to guide and spread the gift of healing.

I am obliged to provide high-quality and effective training. Therefore I’m offering this Complete Oracle Reiki Toolkit for Reiki Masters longing to teach and flourish with ease.

YOU WILL unleash the power of hands-on healing

YOU WILL thrive, evolve and prosper

YOU WILL reduce your time planning your programs and training

YOU WILL follow your callings to teach

YOU WILL serve a higher purpose

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Just for today, I will not be angry.

 Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will be grateful.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly

Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

     The Oracle Reiki Toolkit made for you to use as your own: It includes all you need in order to teach ALL the levels of Usui Reiki Healing. You will receive Reiki Manuals, Certificates, Videos, Audio, and Slides.

    You will own the Complete Oracle Reiki Toolkit Forever… All of this and Lifetime Access. 

    The full Oracle Reiki Toolkit is 100% Digital – Instant Access and easy to download

    Build your own Reiki Workshops and Courses quicker and easier

    Levels 1-3 Editable Usui Reiki Manuals

    Find inside full, editable Manuals for each level of Reiki in Microsoft Word. Use this book as a guide and let your authentic voice ring through for your students. You have the freedom to add in your experienes, life lessons and more!

    Level 1-3 Usui Reiki MP3 Audio

    Find inside full, rich audio lessons of Levels 1, 2 and 3 for your Reiki teaching practice.  Help your students take full advantage of the convenice of learning online. A podcast may be just what they need to learn on the go.

    Levels 1-3 Reiki PowerPoint Slide Deck

    Find inside full, editable Powerpoint slides for each Level of Reiki. We have also included presentations breaking down Levels 1, 2 and 3 into digestable chunks so you can get to teaching as soon as possible.

    3 Usui Reiki MP4 Video

    Find inside video presentations of Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Reiki for your future course. Video offers endless possibilities: aids for visual learners, social media content that cathces the eye, quick resources for a course and so much more!

    12 Sets of Reiki Certificate

    Find inside Certificate Templates for Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Reiki. The Oracle Reiki Toolkit covers you from beginning to end. Explore all the different styles you can use or customise to make it your own!

    All the resources you will need to develop and teach your own Reiki courses to your  students.

    Don’t delay! Take advantage of this awesome Oracle Reiki Toolkit and Raise Your Energy To Light Up The World!

    To demonstrate to you how dedicated we are to your success, we have included these BONUSES that will help you step into your light and start your journey of teaching online.

    Written-For-You 6 Guided Meditation Scripts for Your Holistic Practices

    Take your holistic practice to the next level with these in-depth, transformational, guided meditation scripts. All you have to do is read!

    Empowering Chakra Affirmation Chart

    The “Chakra Affirmation Chart” guides you and your students through a journey, using  powerful affirmation to balance and activate each chakra.

    How To Create An Online Program Bundle

    Use this bundle to advance your business and your online presence

    7 Leadership Mindset to Attract Your Soul Client

    You will find lessons on 7 Leadership Mindsets to Attract Your Soul Client, 21 Simple Ways to Find Clients and more!

    Overcome Fear of Online Visibility


    In this 4 part video series and 4 workbooks, you’ll learn tools to help overcome your fears of being visible and present in the online community.

    How To Create A Vision Board Guide

    With this guide, you will get ideas on how to create a vision board workshop in person or virtually for your students.

    7 Steps To Create A Powerful Webinar

    A great 7 simple steps to guide you on how to create a powerful webinar or workshop online or in person.

    30 Articles About Meditation and Spirituality

    You can use this content in your websites, blogs, newsletters, social media, run a challenge, or anywhere you publish content.

    ALL of  these AMAZING resources valued at over $1000.00 USD

    How can this Reiki Toolkit benefit you?

    All Done For You so you can create a powerful virtual or in-person Reiki school and online programs that heal the world!


    Send it virtually to your students

    You can upload each set into a USB to give to your student in your live classes



    You can use it as is or rebrand it – Edit and Create your own Unique Reiki Manuals based on your own teaching style and beliefs

    No more printing! Send a virtual file to your student



    Spreading the power of Reiki healing

    Save time, effort, and money


    The Oracle Reiki Toolkit  is  a steal originally priced at:

    $444.00 USD

    But for a limited time offer The Oracle Reiki Toolkit will be:

    Kohava’s History and Successes as a Reiki Master and Teaching Online

    Kohava Howard

    My lifelong learnings, experiences, and challenges led me to listen deeply to my intuitive callings and my passion to heal the world in an authentic way. 

    As the Founder of Emerging Vibrant Women” and “Thriving Holistic Visionaries”, I fulfill my passion and mission:  to mentor and teach introverted women, holistic healers, wellness practitioners, and coaches to thrive and courageously show up using their powerful gifts to light up the world.

    Reiki is one of the most powerful spiritual and energetic tools that I use in my daily, personal life and with my coaching clients. 

    3 years ago, I did not think that teaching Reiki classes at a distance or online was something I would be promoting.  I meditated on it, asking how to heal the world, and I did my research. I arrived at a different perspective of healing and that energetic web connects us all.

    As your Reiki Master, I am obliged to provide high-quality and effective training. 

    I am  Kohava Howard: a catalyst for change. My journey started 37 years ago, working as a nurse in the army and beyond, and 27 years as a holistic practitioner specializing in many healing and wellness modalities. I am a Certified Jungian Life Coach, Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Master Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Q: How can I distribute the Oracle Reiki Toolkit to my own Reiki Students?

    A: There are a number of ways you can distribute the Toolkit to your own Students including:

    1. You can copy parts of it (e.g. Only the Reiki 1 Material for Reiki 1 Workshop Students) onto a CD, DVD, or memory stick and hand them out at the end of the Reiki Workshop. Just remember to build in the cost of replicating the CD, DVD, or memory stick to your Reiki Workshop prices.
    2. Store the files on a Cloud Storage service like Dropbox or iCloud and give your students virtual access to download the files to their own PC or Laptop.
    3. If you own your website you could set up a secure members area and give your Reiki Students membership access so they can access and download the study material.

    Q: Can I sell the Oracle Reiki Toolkit?

    A:  You will have the Master Resell Rights (MRR) License Certificate to do so. your students or sell as individual items (e.g. the Certificate Templates as a bundle), or lessons. 

    Q: How do I edit the Reiki Manuals?

    A: The Reiki Manuals were created in Microsoft Word format, so they can be easily edited using Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word you can use Google Docs software.

    Q: Can I teach Reiki online?

    Yes, you can as long as your students get the practice hours before the certification.

    Q: Would I have help and advice on how to run my business?

    Yes, you will have access to me as part of a one-on-one coaching session and through a monthly membership site, if you wish to join. In the membership, you will get support and more resources for your practice.

    You will also have access to my tech team to help you. You can access my tech team:

    • Tech VA: Zoe Andall-Bowen
    • Company: The Spunky VA
    • Email:

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