The challenges I face as a coach myself are that I struggle with inconsistency, getting into a routine, and beating myself up. Kohava’s coaching has helped me breakthrough my limiting beliefs and feel peace of mind and confidence to make the moves I have needed to make to move forward in my life. Thank you Kohava for always having my back and believing in me! ~ Paula Lajoie, Health and Life Coach

Kohava used a holistic approach in helping me tackle major life issues. She helped me understand things from A different perspective. Her unbiased approach opened my eyes to different ways of coping and maturing as a spouse and a mother. I will continue to meet with Kohava she is a great life coach. ~ Thank you, Vanessa Anguiano

Kohava is a very skilled and intuitive coach and healer, who starts with where you are and where you want to go, using different modalities to point a path for reflection and action. I always feel challenged, clearer, and empowered after seeing her. ~ Thank you, E.K.

I am a mother, grandmother, hairstylist, salon owner. I am struggling with many things in my life, primarily my marriage. I have issues including courage, clarity, and strength. Kohava helped me gain the confidence I needed to make the decision I needed to make. She helped me discover and embrace my self-worth, my empowerment, and my strength. Kohava helped me sort through my feelings and emotions. and know that I will be okay because I love who I am and I know I am good enough.
~ Lisa Roche, Salon Owner

“As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I struggle with making myself visible and being consistent. I also experience challenges with being assertive and finding my voice.  Kohava is providing me with tools to help me be more visible and show up authentically in every aspect of my life.  She is encouraging and provides supportive guidance in any area you need assistance.  I’m so grateful to work with Kohava as she can really relate to my situation as an empath herself”  ~ Holly, Energy Medicine practitioner

Kohava’s energy is incredibly healing. Sessions with her felt like I was getting a hug from the universe. She tells it like it is in the most loving and nurturing way possible. Kohava helped me in so many ways. My life circumstances changed dramatically once I started seeing her because she helped me realize that I can create my own happiness. She taught me to surrender and to trust and love myself. She opened my eyes to what has been holding me back. I also felt seen by her and deeply cared for, in such a short amount of time. Her techniques are mixed and unique to her style and I love that. She is truly an authentic and genuine human and I am forever grateful to her for helping me. Thank you Kohava ~ Love, Victoria Godfrey

Even though I feel very self-motivated and successful, I always felt something was missing. Despite my achievement, I never really felt it inside. In my case, underlying weakness had affected my personal and business indirectly. The way I was dealing with issues or conflict would internally affect me, therefore affecting those around me and my health. Kohava helped me learn to deal with underlying issues, release baggage holding me back, understand my wants and needs, and find the words to convey them to others. I learned to listen to the wants that have led me to the path of my dreams, with no regrets. I feel very in control now, willing to listen to my inner voice and vocalize my feelings calmly. Thank you Kohava for all that you have done. ~ Dr. Andrea Schilling, DAOM, LA (acupuncture and oriental medicine)

I highly recommend Kohava’s services. Her guidance assisted in tackling blocks to my self-growth, inner peace, and self-love. She has useful and practical advice as a life coach, packed with intuitive, soulful, and energic aspects. She provides an all-encompassing service She sets you up to succeed. Kohava has a peaceful, loving energy that creates a safe, welcoming space. Highly recommend! ~Thank you, Michelle Hall

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