April’s New Moon will be in Aries – a fire sign – which means it will be busy and active, focusing on bringing more harmony and balance into our lives — and that means change. Change often requires us to step outside our comfort zones and release old habits that no longer serve us, and this is the best new moon of the year to do this. Step into your fearless goddess.

Because Mercury will still be retrograde at the time of the new moon, it may take a while for us to understand the best way to implement these new, healthy changes.

One healthy change to consider during this new moon is developing a daily self-care practice – hence the 5-Day Self-Care Challenge we hosted April 9 – 13.

Another healthy practice is Self-Love.


Self-Love ~ It’s a challenge you CAN master!


“Self-love, it’s a challenge to master.” I saw this comment on one of my Facebook posts and every comment was similar. Is self-love hard to master? When I heard it I was so confused – I don’t remember what it means not to love myself fully. I guess I have taken it for granted, but for many women out there, it IS hard to master self-love. Let me guide you as you take those first baby steps!


Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth. - Caroline Kirk Click To Tweet


~ Empower ~ Embrace ~ Evolve ~


Empower Your Mind ~ What is Self-Love?

Tools to Help You Master Self-LoveSelf-Love is:
When you love your body unconditionally
Thanking your body for carrying you all these years
When you say ‘I love you’ to yourself
When you love all your wounds and shadows – without judging them in your mind
When you feel all of it in your soul and understand that your body is not a thing – it is ‘me’ and it needs love and compassion

How do you find an inner peace and a self-love that allows you to fulfill your true potential? Don’t let fear be in control. You are always choosing between fear and love. That’s it. Set the intention to see yourself as loving and powerful, and the unloving fearful thoughts will fall away.

Be proactive without becoming impatient or a martyr; make a commitment to yourself to improve some area of your life. Be patient and accepting of yourself while you are finding creative solutions to obstacles in your life. Find unconditional love for yourself without self-judgment. Life seems to work out when you have self-love first.


Embrace ~ Your True Self

Improvement is change and usually requires letting go of something that is no longer useful or needed. This is a great time to study your fear patterns and change your beliefs. The main idea behind IMPROVEMENT is communication with our true self. What do I want? How would I like to do it? What do I wish to manifest from this improvement?


Evolve From Within ~ Journal It

How to Practice Self-Love

Make this practice first on your resolutions list!

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror. Notice your beautiful body, then open your journal and write down one of your body parts that you love. Each day, add another part to the list. Try to do it not only in your mind, but rather feel where it is coming from within your body. You will be amazed at the stories that your body will tell you. Dare to do it in front of the mirror!
  2. Write 20 characteristics that you respect and admire about yourself.
  3. Ask yourself these questions each day: ‘How do I choose to be as a person today? Does it match my list?’

What does self-love mean to you?

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