Recharge Your Strength and Restore Your Balance


If you are feeling like I have been lately, you are running on empty emotionally and feeling fatigued. These are the main signs of inner chaos and a disturbed balance. Whether you commute to your job, work in your pajamas or are bombarded by seemingly endless domestic responsibilities — EVERYONE is affected by stress on some level.


Empower Your Mind

Inner chaos can take many forms, including burnout, health problems, relationship problems, financial distress, work, and family issues. These feelings are the symptoms of inner chaos and imbalance. The outside chaos is not the cause of the inner chaos ~ it’s the other way around.

Signs you’re out of balance:

  • You are too tired to recognize or enforce your own emotional, personal and professional boundaries.
  • Your business is struggling, clients are canceling or you are attracting all of the wrong people to you.
  • Every little thing becomes an emergency in your mind.
  • You have lingering, unidentified health issues, such as fatigue and/or symptoms that change regularly.
  • You find yourself overreacting to everything – like little things people say or situations that are outside your control.


Embrace Your True Self

You may feel overwhelmed and believe there is nothing you can do to achieve inner balance. Don’t believe that thought! Once you recognize and are aware of these feelings of chaos then you can take steps to find inner balance. This is the time to cocoon yourself in peace and to create the deeper shifts needed to restore, maintain the inner balance and to honor your feminine soul.

Evolve from Within ~ Journal It ~

Don’t be hard on yourself, be patient and receptive. When you begin shifting your focus away from your outer world and pay more attention to your inner world, you will find change is happening all around you.

Be mindful in the coming fall and winter months, especially since the holidays are approaching, and listen to your inner self and what your body needs.

Acknowledge when stressors arise and write them down. Next to the stressors you wrote down; write three things that bring you peace – such as a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning, playing with puppies, go for a walk, or going to the movies.

Being mindful of your feelings is the first step in calming, processing, and releasing them, so you will emerge as a vibrant woman in the spring!

6 Ways to restore balance:

  1. Be aware and give yourself permission to slow down: establish control over your time by slowing down. Even though it feels like there is so much to do, you’ll actually accomplish more in less time and in a more pleasant way.

  3. Practice being in the moment: think less about the past and stop worrying about the future. The more focused you are on “now” and being present to your own inner guidance, the more time will slow down and you will notice you accomplish more.

  5. Revive your five senses: use what you smell, see, hear, touch and taste to bring you back to the present moment. Try it! Stop right now and become aware of your sense of taste, what are you eating? What does it feel like? Is it hot, cold, smooth or rough?

  7. Branch out: try a healing session, go for a short vacation, book a massage or acupuncture.

  9. Let go of control: let go of having to know exactly how and when everything will happen. Allow things to progress at their own pace. Let it be! Everything will fall in place as it should be. Release the rigid rhythm that blocks the unexpected miracles and synchronistic events. Stop making things harder than they have to be.

  11. Change your old patterns and habits: “Today I will get up on time,” “Today I will take a different route to work,” “Today I will go for a walk in the park.” Challenge yourself every day and take a moment every day to look at why and how we do the things we do each day. You will become more creative and less stressed.

Just show up every day and do your best with bliss.

Bliss & Inner Peace,

Mentoring & teaching courageous women how to overcome their fear of being visible, confidently lead powerful women’s circles, and build communities that help women navigate life’s transitions with more balance and peace.

“Within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggles and transform into the brightest, strongest version of yourself.”

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