~ Welcome to the Soul Sisterhood Circle ~

Monthly Local Gathering 

First Thursday of the Month (September – June) 

Honor & Awaken the Woman Within

Empower and awaken your feminine wisdom, vision, life, love, and leadership.

Step into a journey of rituals, moon cycle, and sacred sisterhood love.

You are honored and welcomed here. Come as you are. Be yourself.

Women have been gathering in circle for thousands of years to support and share, especially around the new moon. I am passionate about creating this unique circle for women to empower their feminine soul; to gather in a safe sacred space; to feel loved, supported, authentic, and true to themselves. 

This circle is designed for women over 40 going through life transitions and struggling with self-worth. This group of empowered and authentic women support each other to grow and evolve, discover the art of transformation, and know that every woman who heals herself, heals all the women around her.

  • Would you like to free yourself?
  • Would you like to rediscover yourself?
  • Would you like to find your purpose and your true self?
  • Would you like to feel feminine and truly love that?
  • Would you like to feel the connection and support with other women?

I’ve created this circle for women to feel empowered, connected, and balanced. It will help you find a soul connection with other women and know that you are not alone – you belong!

The goal for this circle is to awaken The Women Within. We have all been created from the essence of many women rooted in our souls, but often hidden from our awareness – we are not yet connected with them. During each monthly Soul Sisterhood Circle you will be guided courageously to rediscover one of these hidden women, suppressed for so many years, acknowledging and honoring her from within.


Are you ready to awaken her?
~The wild goddess
~The wise woman
~The courageous woman
~The empowered woman
~The visionary woman

I’m so excited to share the journey with you all, and to start recognizing and calling for the women within to guide us in this journey.

Let’s cheer each other as we go through this magical journey together!

Join us ~ Emerging Vibrant Women ~ for rituals, talk, sharing, movements, and meditation.

When women come together as a collective, magical things happen!

I am creating a community of women, because when authentic women come together it’s not just beautiful, it’s empowering. Let’s cheer each other as we go through this magical journey together!

Uplift one another and rise into your higher and most remarkable self. Women are the leaders of a new reality. Our strength comes from our ability to feel and connect on a deeper level. We must create peace within ourselves, around ourselves, and with one another. Together we will build a beautiful future. You are an important part of this new world. Make it count by being the light.

As a soul sisterhood, we show up ready to authentically see one another and be seen, to listen and be heard. We each have a unique gift to share with the world. When we honor another woman’s unique gifts and our unique gifts, we are open for universal transformation without the judgment, comparison, and scarcity. We are open ourselves for acceptance, abundance, and change.

As a circle we are creating the soul mandala, union dance of the divine feminine power, listening to the rhythm of the collective universe.

Benefits of the Soul Sisterhood Circle

~Gain tremendous freedom to make choices

~Feel supported a connected with beautiful soul sisters

~Reclaim your beautiful, inner feminine power

~Rediscover your authentic self

~Reacquaint yourself with the power of your womb space

~Face challenges with ease

~Feel empowered, confident, and love to be a woman

~Feel charismatic to make changes

~Understand and make sense of your own inner journey and life purpose

~You will be guided to understand your true self


Monthly gathering the first Thursday of each month from September through June in Williamsville, NY.

10 monthly gatherings (September through June)
5 monthly gatherings (September – January OR February – June)

Must register in advance. Space is limited


Please use the contact form through the link below to register for the local circle.

Messages From The Feminine Soul

Sweet goddess

That is who we are

The goddesses tribe

Creating a distance

And getting closer

With pain and happiness

With fear and hope

This is who we are

The feminine soul

A hug of a woman

Embracing and nurturing

A hug of a soul sister

Joining the dance of emotions

Joining the endless journey of the sage woman

Embracing sisterhood,

Emerging Vibrant Woman


If you have questions, please email Kohava at khowardem@gmail.com or message her via Facebook www.facebook.com/EmergingVibrantWoman.

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