Leadership Qualities & Skills For Vibrant Holistic Visionaries

This is the second in my series of blogs sharing the top tips to help you step into your role as a leader. Here we’ll look at how leadership skills can help in both your business and your personal life.

These Skills Will Benefit Your Business

Leadership experience truly is beneficial in all aspects of your life, especially if you have your own business. Knowing how to interact assertively and comfortably with a wide range of people is a definite asset. These types of skills are especially useful to learn if you are an introvert or highly sensitive woman. Everybody looks favorably upon those who can demonstrate proficiency in communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and other leadership skills. As a business woman, you’ll recognise that you have many of these qualities already, so take the time to recognise your strengths and be gentle on yourself when you recognise there are some skills you need to improve upon. The following are just some of the ways that leadership qualities and skills will benefit you in your holistic business.


Through using and practicing your leadership skills, you’re bound to build stronger character along the way. Characteristics such as self-discipline, perseverance, integrity, and patience are enhanced through activities of leadership. These skills will be especially valuable as you expand your team and reach out to others businesses to collaborate with, you’ll find the need to develop such qualities in order for others to trust and respect you and your role. 


Some people are natural communicators, while others must practice and learn this skill. Communication is essential to being a leader. You’ll find that your job becomes easier once you’ve begun to hone these skills. Both written and verbal communication are imperative to leading a team successfully. Making yourself clearly understood and checking in along the way are essential to ensuring everyone is on the same page and that misunderstandings are avoided. 


A person who can motivate and inspire others makes a wonderful employer. As you practice your leadership skills, you’ll become more adept at gaining the respect of your team. As those you work with begin to trust and admire you, they will also be more likely to follow your guidance and willingly accept changes you introduce. These abilities are invaluable and will take your holistic practice far. 


Setting out on your own as a vibrant holistic visionary shows that you already have more initiative and drive than many. You have probably already taken opportunities and made things happen, rather than waiting for someone else to tell them what to do. Don’t take this for granted, appreciate this about yourself and reward yourself for the actions you take so that you don’t lose this drive as you focus on the day to day running of your business, this drive will also help you to become an great leader of your team. 


Although you may feel introverted the more leadership experience you gain, the greater your belief in yourself is likely to become, then you will probably find yourself becoming more ambitious because your confidence has grown. You’ll see that you are capable of getting the job done. No longer will you worry that you’re not smart enough or that you lack skills. You’re more willing to learn, grow, and take risks. 

These are some of the more common traits that come along with leadership skills. When you’re able to display these characteristics in your business life, you’re likely to find more success. Your clients, team members and businesses you interact with will soon notice what you have to offer, and opportunities will begin to open up. 

These Leadership Skills Will Benefit Your Private Life

We’ve just talked about all the ways gaining leadership skills can help advance your business. Most positions you’ll hold in your life will require the types of soft skills leaders demonstrate. It’s also true that some of these traits will benefit you in your personal life. Self-management plays a role in how well you get things done in areas like family, relationships, hobbies, and more. Keep reading for some examples of how leadership skills come in handy in your private life.


Good leaders are self-aware. As a holistic light worker, you are probably already very self-aware and know what drives your behavior and what makes you tick. You’ll also probably be the first to recognize your weaknesses or limitations. This in-depth self-knowledge can go far to help you establish the boundaries needed for successful interpersonal relationships, household management, and family oversight. Knowing yourself well allows you to more successfully interact with others.

Growth Mindset

As a leader you will most likely be open to the idea of self-improvement and want your team to be successful. Good leaders lead by example so you know that you too must also hold yourself to that same level of accountability. A key leadership skill is drive. Included in this is a desire to improve one’s self. Examples of how this can look in your private life include going after your goals, continuing to seek out new experiences, and learning for the simple enjoyment of education. 

Stress Management

You know that being a hothead who is reactive won’t get you very far at work. It also is quite destructive in your personal life. Or as a highly sensitive woman you may deal with stress in a different, but equally destructive, way. Being able to handle stress and to deal with problems strategically is necessary to successful personal relationships. Some of the most difficult struggles are within your personal realm. Learning how to deal with them calmly is something that will serve you well for the rest of your life.


Gaining productivity skills is immensely useful in your private life. Battling time is something many of us struggle with. There’s so much you want to accomplish outside of your business, but there are only so many hours in a day. Good time management and efficiency are key to accomplishing more of your personal goals. Using your time wisely and getting things done is an essential skill to balance your business and personal life.


Cultivating a diverse network is important in business. Having people on your team from various backgrounds and experiences brings innovation and life to your projects. This is also true for your private endeavors. The more types of people that are within your circles, the greater and more expansive your experiences will be.

These are some important leadership traits that will enhance your private life. Try to incorporate them in your day-to-day, and you’ll start seeing improvements in your personal relationships and pursuits.

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