How Using a Journal Can Help You Reflect on Your Thriving Holistic Visionary Leadership Skills


Journaling is a tool that brings peace and serenity in many ways. On the most basic level, journaling is a tool that allows us to process our lives as we live them. As we write down the courses of our day, we are able to process events and have a platform to reflect privately.

Over the years, I’ve also used journaling as a healthy form of emotional release and expression. The pages of my journal have often been a safe landing pad for big emotions like anger, fear, or despair as well as joy, love, and excitement.

You can begin with a pen and paper, open a document on your computer, or even start a private blog. Others prefer art or doodling journals or following a calendar of journal prompts. However you decide to start, I encourage you to begin by writing just 5-10 minutes a couple of times a week and see how you feel.

Journaling is an activity that you, as a sensitive and introvert Holistic Visionary, can use to improve your life in so many ways. This tool is something that is so simple, yet so often overlooked. Writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences is a way to provide you with great clarity and insight. It can definitely help you to be a better leader. Let me show you how you can use a journal to reflect on and improve your leadership skills.

Make Plans

Taking just a few minutes to journal each day can be a fantastic way to make plans for your life and your leadership. As highly sensitive holistic healers getting all the thoughts out of your head and onto paper allows you to think more clearly. You can then begin to organize things and develop a plan for a project or goal you’ve had in mind.

Spark Creativity

Journaling can also get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with wonderful new ideas for your holistic business. Writing down your ideas can be exciting. Jot it all down – even the most implausible. You never know what kinds of connections you’ll make once you see things in front of you on the page or screen. Keeping a journal of ideas can also be an effective way to find inspiration in the future when your energy may be waning.

Gain Perspective

Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture when you’re in the midst of day-to-day living and running a business. Taking notes, writing down your thoughts, and keeping a journal can be great ways to gain some real perspective. You’ll be able to notice and analyze the patterns in your leadership and results from your leadership actions. Writing things down lets you see and understand things much differently. This new view can be quite motivating.

See Limitations

Writing down your concerns or taking notes on your leadership style can help you to see where you may have weaknesses. We all have limitations or flaws and as highly sensitive people we can often dwell on the negative. Being able to recognize them is necessary if you want to overcome them. Reflecting on and acknowledging areas in which you’re lacking is actually the mark of a true leader. Journaling can help you do this.

Inspire Improvement

As you can see, journaling provides you with all sorts of information. Take this insight and use it in practical ways to make improvements in your vibrant holistic visionary approach to leadership. Great leaders are constantly looking for ways to be better. They’re open to learning. Your journal is a perfect tool to assist in this process. .

t doesn’t matter if you write things down on paper or do it electronically. Go with your preferred method. What’s important is that you do it on a regular basis. Daily is best. Create a routine for your journaling time. You’ll find it will help to improve your leadership skills, your holistic business and your life.

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