How a Confident Mindset Can Help You To Lead as a Vibrant Holistic Visionary


You may be confident in your role as a Vibrant Holistic Visionary however, being a good leader of your business also requires confidence in your ability to lead. There is a great deal of responsibility in being a leader in your business. You need to be decisive, take risks, make choices, delegate tasks, and more. If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, you’ll find it difficult to lead your team. Increasing your confidence will help you improve your leadership skills. Read on to discover the relationship between being self-assured and being an effective leader.

Role of Self-Confidence in Leadership

Exhibiting genuine confidence inspires trust in those around you. If you’re highly sensitive, it will come as no surprise to you to know that most people are able to tell if you’re truly confident or if you’re just putting on a show. Everyone wants to follow someone who helps them feel at ease and that things are moving in a positive direction. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll more easily establish positive relationships. This is essential when you’re leading a group of any kind. Also, confidence is absolutely necessary when taking risks and making important decisions. Bold leaders are able to think for themselves, yet they’re comfortable accepting constructive criticism.

More Confidence Through Leadership

While it’s true that genuine confidence is essential to gaining the trust of others, you don’t necessarily have to be overflowing with it. This is good news for all of us introverts who like to keep a low profile. It’s also good to know that self-confidence can be increased. One way to do that actually lies in simply performing your job. The more you practice leadership skills, the more confident you’ll become in your role. Each achievement will motivate you to pursue others. Ambition is born through believing in yourself and knowing you can accomplish what you desire.

Tips for Gaining Self-Confidence

As you gain leadership skills and become more comfortable in your role as a leader, there are some ways you can work to improve your overall level of self-confidence.

1. ASK
Is where I am right now where I want to be (as a leader)? Do I truly long to be a leader? Is what I’m doing today something that will position me to reach my future goals?
If the answers to these questions are no, you may want to rethink your purpose. Only when you feel being a leader is the right path for you, will you truly be confident. Otherwise, you’ll constantly be questioning yourself.

I’m sure most of you as holistic visionaries, light workers and highly sensitive individuals are already in touch with your intuition, but sometimes we forget this in our leadership role. Don’t forget to hone your intuition for your business. Check in with your gut when making leadership decisions and trust your gut feeling, you’ll feel better in your decision-making. Also, accept that nothing is certain. Not every decision will be the right one, but you can usually make accommodations or switch course to correct things. Don’t second-guess yourself. Make a decision and go with it.

Confidence is crucial to leadership. You can fake it ’til you make it, though, to an extent. Keep putting yourself out there, and your self-confidence will increase with each step you take.

Believe in Yourself & Others Will Follow

Believing in ourselves is the biggest limiting belief that we all experience. This type of block can truly hold you back on your journey as an introverted visionary. I want to talk about some of the traits that are closely related to confidence. Once you see the ways in which they’re all intertwined, you’ll be more likely to believe that you possess the self-assuredness you need to be the great leader others follow.


Confident leaders are always respectful, even in challenging situations. They behave respectfully to everyone from the people who everyone likes to those who are often disrespected by others. It’s easy to be respectful to everyone on a good day and important to demonstrate respect even on your worst days. A bad mood or stressful circumstance doesn’t warrant treating someone badly. When people feel you respect them, they’re far more likely to be respectful towards you.


Empathy and compassion are huge when it comes to being a confident leader. If you can’t put yourself in others’ shoes, you won’t be able to feel a genuine connection with them. It’s hard to believe in yourself if you are disconnected from those around you. As holistic visionaries and highly sensitive individuals you’re probably well ahead of most people here. Still it’s a good reminder that even in your role as a leader you don’t forget to practice understanding those you are leading. You’ll start to notice your confidence grows, as does theirs in you.


It may seem counterintuitive but bear with me. The more you give, the more you truly will get in return. When you offer your time, resources, compassion, or assistance, you’ll gain the trust of those to whom you give. Being generous sends good things back your way in the form of other intangible gifts like admiration, appreciation, and respect. Be confident that you have enough to share. You’ll see your team respond in kind..


When you’re confident, you will tend to nurture a stable environment. Your decision-making is strategic and logical. Your actions are purposeful. You don’t exhibit erratic behavior. People know what to expect from you, and they appreciate that type of stability. Stability comes from a belief in yourself, and it breeds trust.


Passion is contagious. However, in order to outwardly express what moves you, it’s important that you have a strong belief in yourself, your holistic practice, your vision and your business. You must be strong enough to demonstrate vulnerability. This can be difficult for many leaders, but your followers will respect you for it. Wear your passion on your sleeve to inspire those around you.

These are some ways you can demonstrate a belief in yourself that motivates people to follow. Practice exhibiting these traits, and you’ll soon notice your relationships with your followers improving. .

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