Banish Guilty Feelings In Just 5 Days

Live Get Over Guilt Challenge
5 Days to More Joy, Harmony & Balance

Women Over 40
Learn How To Stop Punishing & Depriving Yourself
In Just 20 Minutes A Day!


Monday, April 23rd

1:00 pm Eastern









Give and give to everyone else
Feel guilty about spending time or money on yourself
Feel frustrated because you put your life and priorities on hold
Feel depleted… like you have nothing left to give
Have difficulty focusing on things that are important to you
Find yourself doing things half-heartedly, feeling like your heart really isn’t in it
Find yourself doing things you aren’t proud of later on

You Are Not Alone & It Isn’t Your Fault

As women, we have been raised to believe that
women who spend time and money on themselves are selfish.
As a result, we feel tremendous guilt and internal conflict

We feel guilty when we spend time or money on ourselves.
We feel guilty because we haven’t accomplished more.
We feel guilty because we secretly feel resentful and frustrated.
We feel guilty because we’re STUCK!

There IS A Better Way

If you would like to learn how to feel freer, experience more joy, harmony, and balance, and get UNstuck, I invite you to join me for the FREE 5-Day LIVE Get Over Guilt Challenge.

In just 20 minutes a day you will learn:

How Guilt Holds You Back From Accomplishing What You Want In Life
The Reasons For Your Guilt
How To Forgive Yourself & Love The REAL You
How To Move Forward With Ease & Joy
How To Banish Unhealthy Guilt Forever
The Secret Weapon To Building The Life Of Your Dreams

*** BONUS ***

Earn points toward winning a One-Hour Private Session with me or
a Scholarship for the Awaken the Financial Woman Within Workshop Series (value $97)
when you participate in the Live Workshop each day and complete the daily exercises!

Spend just 20 minutes a day with me and
see how much better you’ll feel when you Get Over Guilt!

Fill out the form below to register for the Live 5-Day Get Over Guilt Challenge.

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