•Leadership Mindset •Emotional Intelligence •Jungian Life Coaching method

         Are you a thriving Holistic lightworker that creates change and longing to light up the world?

Perhaps  you are…

Yearn for clarity and answers

Want to learn how to untangle old patterns, calm overwhelming thinking, or quiet your inner critic?

~ Are you yearning for change?

~ Are you longing to show up fully?

I help holistic lightworkers to rise above their limitations, and courageously show up as leaders to light up the world

In my Coaching Sessions you will be guided to Create growth and change by immersing yourself in all of your qualities, talents, and abilities. Step into your life purpose, feel empowered, and easily lead an automatic life and business to achieve success. 

~ Tune into your inner wisdom, build your own unique Feminine Leadership style and Integrate your inner archetypes as your inner coach ~ 

You will…

~Be guided to blend your Feminine Radiance with the Masculine Action

~I teach you to unfold and tap into the irresistibly magnetic leader that you are meant to be

~Shine courageously, communicate assertively, fearlessly speak up, evolve, and flourish

~ Overcome life/career transitions and limiting beliefs that hold you back on your journey 

~ let go of past attachment & release emotional wounds ~ free and fearless on your “Hero Qwest”

~ Learn unique techniques how to lead and take your business to the next level

~Learn symbolic thinking & active imagination to deepen your intuition 

~ Experience transformations unfolding in each week.

The 6 session package will cover…

Week 1 ~ Create your yearning Pathways

Week 2 ~ Know your inner archetypes, have a dialogue with yourself & your Ego mind

Week 3 ~ Learn how to release the limiting beliefs with the shadow work

Week 4 ~ Balance your masculine and feminine energies and learn how to use them

Week 5~You will be taken through the “Hero Qwest” to find your journey 

Week 6~Mindset to success with the “Transitional Ritual” and what next

Also included in the 6 week program…

~ 6 one hour sessions
~ Endless email support – No limit on communication between sessions! I encourage you to connect!
~ Recordings of our sessions for your request
~ PDF downloads for each session – worksheets and study guides
~ A community of sisterhood in my private Facebook group

“When I came to Kohava I was very lost and sad. My past had become damaging to my heart and soul. Feeling very vulnerable and exhausted, I also felt safe and trusted her warm presence. My connection with her has become very special. After my very first meeting with Kohava, I left feeling hopeful. Which I wasn’t sure I could do. Kohava helped me rise above and get my happiness back. She helped me organize my life and I have found my purpose again. I am very pleased with all the hard work that has been done. I will definitely be continuing my work with her. She is a life saver! I thank her for all of her guidance and love.” – Beth

During our journey together you will:

~Gain the tools on how to be more aware of your triggers

~ Learn powerful tools and get new resources

~Learn easy to follow systems & techniques that will allow you to evolve

~Retrain your old brain and body

~Be aware and overcome your limiting beliefs & shadows

~Begin to make sense of your inner journey and life purpose

~See quick results, feeling clear, organized and empowered

~Transform your vulnerabilities into strengths

~Untangle yourself from habitual patterns that don’t serve you

~Reconnect with your inner self

~Be less stressed and take on life with ease

~Understand yourself and love yourself unconditionally

~Be guided to be true to yourself

Are you ready to learn more,

 Rebirth yourself to live your true purpose

Are you ready to commit to yourself?

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