We all have both masculine and feminine energies inside of us. Based on nature and nurture, one of these energies is usually our dominant energy. Yet I believe that, in order to live a happy and balanced life, internally as well as externally, we must bring both of these energies into balance. And, as we do so, it will affect every area of our lives from our inner world, love, and romance to career and physical health.

An empowering mosaic of masculine and feminine energies

You can be a woman with a strong feminine energy or a man with a strong masculine energy OR you can be a man with a strong feminine energy or a woman with a strong masculine energy.  And it’s all good!

This energy translates into our way of thinking, our behavior, our attitude, and our interaction with everyone around us. Finding the empowering balance will bring you into feeling wholeness.

What does it look like to have an excess or lack of these energies?

Working with women for so many years, I have witnessed the shame and guilt women feel about being too vulnerable to cry or about sharing feelings, seeing femininity as weakness.

I have also seen many women adopting the masculine energy to the extreme and forgetting to honor their feminine side.

Signs that there is an excess or lack of masculine or feminine energies include:

  • feeling disconnected from/too connected to your emotions
  • difficulty giving and receiving nurturing and intimacy, or being too clingy
  • lacking verbal skills to build deeper relationships, or talking too much
  • forgetting to eat or overeating

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What is masculine energy? Representing our left brain

Our left brain is the logical side, and the masculine energy that drives it is associated with our sense of purpose, being goal-oriented, competitive, active, direct, ambitious, analytical, assertive, courageous, fearless, rebellious, decisive, logical, and strong. It is also the ego and both physical and mental power.

We see masculine energy at work when we:

  • break through boundaries,
  • focus on the goal setting,
  • follow direction, and
  • drive ourselves to accomplish a mission or goal.

When imbalanced: When we are channeling too much masculine energy, we become overly assertive, harsh, aggressive, critical or emotionally closed off. It can end in ego, anger, resentment, and inner conflict that disconnect our minds from our bodies.

What is feminine energy?  Representing our right brain

Our right brain is the creative and emotional side, and the feminine energy that drives it is associated with going with the flow and being nurturing, ‘holistic’, flexible, artistic, supportive, trusting, empathetic, and reliable.

When we see feminine energy at work we:

  • allow emotions to flow naturally,
  • are expressive, free-spirited, creative, gentle,
  • are able to be vulnerable as well as strong,
  • are intuitive with bliss, calm,
  • are intelligent, loving, compassionate and truthful.

When imbalanced: If we channel too much feminine energy, we become passive and easily afraid. We lose our personal power, strength and worth, not speaking up when it’s necessary, not being grounded emotionally.

Now test yourself, what is your dominant energy: Go with your gut and don’t overthink it.

Now pick only 10 characteristics from the two lists below. When doing this test only pick what you are actually good at, not what you wish to be (be honest with yourself).


Masculine Energy Characteristics

Rely more on logic to make decisions



Highly Competitive






Focus on facts over intuition






Value physical & mental strength

Feminine Energy Characteristics

Rely more on intuition to make decisions









Focus on intuition over facts






Value communication & understanding

Did you find it?

What is your dominant energy?

How do you feel about it?

Please remember that Feminine energy is not a weakness. Embrace your energies as they are at this very moment with bliss.

The reason for this exercise is to help us gain awareness of each of these energies. We can begin to create mindfulness and live an authentic life, tap into our truth, into our feminine strength, step into our feminine empowerment, when we acknowledge it with bliss, own it, and claim it.

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Start by seeing feminine energy as strength, start to balance yourself by adopting characteristics from the two lists, work on building up your less-dominant energy. It’s absolutely ok to express one more than the other. The goal here is to avoid excessively favoring one energy over the other.

Welcome and awaken the feminine energy mingle it with the masculine energy with ease.

Thank you for sharing your journey of awakening and empowerment with me!


Meet Kohava Howard

Kohava Howard, LPN, LYYD

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