As a Vibrant Holistic Visionary You Are a Natural Leader, Even If You Don’t Know It Yet!

Over the next few blogs I’ll be sharing the top tips to step into your role as a leader. By the end of the series you’ll be ready to try out your own skills as a leader in a way that makes sense for your life. Leadership skills can span a wide array of settings so even if you are an introvert you’ll find something in this series of blogs just for you. These skills will not only apply to your professional life, but they’ll also come in handy throughout your personal pursuits. You may not see yourself as someone with much leadership ability, but I’ve worked with many holistic visionaries and know you make excellent leaders.

What Are Leadership Skills?

There are countless definitions for what it means to have leadership skills. Essentially, this term refers to the group of soft skills that allow someone to communicate effectively and relate well to others. It truly is that simple. Leaders are those who get along with all different types of people and who know how to interact with ease. While some people seem to be born with such skills, others acquire them through practice, effort, and willingness to learn new things. As light workers, holistic visionaries and highly sensitive women seeing yourself as a leader may be daunting at first, however everyone can learn the skills and you too can become a competent leader in your community, career, and personal life.

Natural Leadership Skills

If you’re highly sensitive to other’s needs there’s a good chance that you already possess some of the skills of great leaders:

  • You’re honest
  • You have integrity
  • You mean what you say
  • People know they can believe you
  • You’re competent in what you do
  • You have strong communication skills.
  • You’re easily understood
  • You know how to make sure everyone is on the same page
  • You’re good with people.
  • You know how to make others feel at ease
  • You build relationships
  • You’re a problem solver
  • You know how to plan for success

As a holistic visionary I am sure you’ll recognize some of these skills in yourself.

Ways to Build Leadership Skills

Hopefully, you feel confident that you already have some of the skills that great leaders have. However, it’s important to know that many of them can be learned or improved upon. You don’t have to possess a specific number of skills to become a good leader. As with any other type of skill or talent, you can get better at most of the skills you need to lead others. You can read about, attend workshops on, and practice such things as:

  • strategic thinking
  • problem solving
  • communication
  • decision-making

These personal development skills can go a long way toward educating yourself and improving upon any areas in which you may be lacking. As you become more confident, those around you will begin to have more trust in you.

Honesty and authenticity are probably what matter most when it comes to being a strong leader and I’m sure you’re already leading in those areas. As long as others have trust in you, they will likely be willing to listen to and learn from you.

What Are The Most Common Internal Leadership Objections?

As a highly sensitive woman or an introvert you may find you resist stepping up as a leader and your journey to learning leadership skills is often met with internal objections. Sometimes you’ll notice the people around you might not respond well to the changes you’re making, and being highly sensitive this can feel upsetting. One of the main reasons people don’t like to see others change is because they might be intimidated by your growth, especially if they’re feeling stuck in their own lives. However, what may surprise you most is the number of internal objections you find yourself facing. These are ideas you may possess within yourself that can convince you it’s a bad idea to become a leader. Read on to discover some of these and how to overcome internal leadership objections.

1. Leaders are Bossy

One of the biggest obstacles you may face in the pursuit of leadership development is the idea that you must be bossy in order to lead a team. This will not align with the way you want to be seen as a holistic visionary or a lightworker. However this idea is simply not true. While leaders often hold the task of administering and monitoring job duties, it is possible to be a competent leader without being mean or pushy. Having high expectations of those who answer to you isn’t a negative thing. Neither is holding people accountable. You don’t need to be a push over and you can learn to maintain progress without becoming domineering.

2. Leaders Need Experience

You don’t have to have a ton of leadership experience to be a good leader. You already have experience in your field and simply being confident in your primary job responsibilities is enough to get you started. If you’re confident in your area of expertise, you can learn leadership skills as you go along. Again, remember to be respectful of – and honest with – your team. These traits will take you far as you develop other skills.

3. Leaders Have too Much Responsibility

Sometimes people believe it’s not worth becoming a leader because of the extra responsibility and risk involved. This may be something to think about, but it doesn’t mean that having a leadership position demands too much. Weigh the risks and responsibilities with the bonuses, and then make your decision. You’ll likely discover the compensation, benefits, and intangible rewards of the position. If you don’t take any risk in life or business how can your work help the world?

4. Leaders Must be Well-Liked

I touched a bit on this earlier in pointing out that leaders don’t have to be bossy. They also don’t need to be liked by everyone. Your role will likely require you to make some tough decisions that some folks simply won’t be happy with. That’s okay. It’s part of the job. As long as you communicate respect and honesty in carrying out your duties, you can consider yourself to be a competent leader. Most of your team will continue to respect and admire you, even if some are unhappy.

These are just some of the misconceptions you may have to overcome when deciding to become a leader. These internal leadership objections don’t have to slow down your progress, but you will likely have to learn to overcome them in order to feel good in your role. Take some time to work on it.

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