A great shift from endings to new and powerful beginnings! It’s a time to emerge and live as your true, authentic self. It’s time to live your truth and be ok with it. Spread your wings and fly like a butterfly! Use this month as an amazing chance to tap into the soul of your purpose, with passion.

“By finding and choosing to be your most authentic and loving self, you will leave a trail of magic everywhere you go.” Author Unknown Click To Tweet


Empower Your Mind

Many out there are experiencing a yearning desire to awaken their unique gifts and offer them to the world. They desire a re-awakening of self, with the courage to carry out the process of transformation. To be authentic, we must make authentic choices and allow natural expression – such as acceptance, strength, courage, compassion, joy and love – to shine through.

Let change become your new beginning ~ allow your natural expressions to emerge from within your soul: you don’t have to create them, they are already there.


Embrace Your True Self

Use the power from within to reflect on an area of your life you want to change or create, and take responsibility for it. This journey begins by letting go of old beliefs and patterns. This allows you to make room for new beliefs and have the capacity to empower yourself to awaken and live your higher purpose.

Connect and listen to your yearnings, your deepest longings are the seeds of your potential so go ahead and plant them. Begin the process of manifesting your greatest visions. By using your intuition, you become fully connected to your inner guidance and gain an intimate knowledge of your authentic self. You gain awareness from the inside out. Knowing that each of us has an authentic and unique style, and we can manifest it every day and in magical ways.


Evolve from Within ~ Journal It ~

Just as the caterpillar’s soul begins to activate the transformation of random cells into a butterfly, so is our soul guiding us to evolve! Yes, I believe that it’s dancing butterfly time!

Take a lesson from the butterfly and let it remind you that growth and change does not have to be hard. By cracking out of our cocoons, we begin to look for new, exciting adventures to pursue. See life as an art and a work in progress. Unleash your authentic self and make the best of it with every choice that you make.

Ask yourself ~ what measures will I take today that will take me closer to my goal?

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