Hello, beautiful soul sister.

Are you a driven feminine spiritual empath,introverted entrepreneur, transformational lightworker, holistic healer, new coach, or soul worker visionary?

Perhaps you feel transformation forming within your soul and want to reveal it to the world, but part of you resists and feels intimidated?

I want to ask you something…

  • Are you living up to your full potential?
  • Are you living up to your soul’s purpose and callings?
  • Do you desire to truly unleash the spiritual empath within?
  • Are you longing to offer your gifts and light to the world through your holistic practice?
  • Are you showing up consistently for your clients with your soul offerings?
  • Are you clear on your purpose journey, and more importantly, do you claim it?
  • How would the world be a better place, if you lived up to your full potential?
Are you ready to say YES to all of these questions?

Are you ready to step into your higher purpose, unleash and awaken the divine feminine empath within you?

Are you ready to voice your questions, be vulnerable, be seen, be heard, and be supported?

It’s time to raise your vibration, emerge as a daring, thriving empath leader. Don’t be afraid to listen to the callings and signs of the universe, even if it will take you on a path of immense transition and change.

More than anything, I want you to know that no matter the challenges you face, you are not alone.

You have gifts that the world needs right now. It’s your time to show up fully and shine your inner light as a thriving empath visionary. It’s your time to unleash your feminine spiritual empath powers.

Be brilliantly courageous in becoming a daring thriving empath.

Join us for…

7 Weeks to Awaken Your Daring Mindset and Unleash the Visionary Empath Within

Imagine your life, 7 weeks from now…

  • You have found your true purpose
  • You rise to your highest potential
  • You have unleashed your Soul Purpose
  • You are motivated to make things happen
  • You embrace your self-esteem to show up FULLY
  • You manifest your deepest desires
  • You have been awakened to your callings and your authentic self
  • You courageously lead others and release fear & doubt
  • You accomplish any goal & fearlessly attract abundance
  • You have the support of other sisters who see you shine
  • You are ready to take your holistic practice to the next level

Can you envision yourself embracing all of the above?

Can you see yourself stepping into your higher self and using your full potential?

I’m so excited to announce that registration for this 7 week journey to spiritual empath empowerment is OPEN!

Because of the very personal nature of this interactive group coaching, I am calling on only 8-10 women to join. Spaces will fill up quickly for this exclusive group coaching circle, so don’t wait!

What are other women saying?

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I struggle with making myself visible and being consistent. I also experience challenges with being assertive and finding my voice.  Kohava is providing me with tools to help me be more visible and show up authentically in every aspect of my life.  She is encouraging and provides supportive guidance in any area you need assistance.  I’m so grateful to work with Kohava as she can really relate to my situation as an empath herself.  ~ Holly, Energy Medicine Practioner

The challenges I face as a coach myself are that I struggle with inconsistency, getting into a routine, and beating myself up. Kohava’s coaching has helped me break through my limiting beliefs and feel peace of mind and confidence to make the moves I have needed to make to move forward in my life. Thank you Kohava for always having my back and believing in me! Paula Lajoie, Health and Life Coach

Even though I feel very self-motivated and successful, I always felt somthing was missing. Despite my achievement, I never really felt it inside. In my case, underlying weakness had affected my personal and business indirectly. The way I was dealing with issues or conflict would internally affect me, therefore affecting those around me and my health. Kohava helped me learn to deal with underlying issues, release baggage holding me back, understand my wants and needs, and find the worlds to convey them ot others. I learned to listen to my wants that have lead me to the path of my dreams, with no regrets. I feel very in control now, willing to listen to my inner voice and vocalize my feelings calmly. Thank you Kohava for all that you have done. ~ Dr. Andrea Schilling, DAOM, LA (acupuncture and oriental medicine)


What is this program all about?

This is a live 7 week coaching circle for driven transformational lightworkers, soul workers, and spiritual empaths. The purpose is to transform your daring mindset and take your practice to the next level. With personal coaching unique to YOUR journey, you will learn how to show up courageously and  live to your full potential, shine your inner light, and become the woman and the lightworker you were meant to be. You’ll fearlessly take on your passions and make your dreams a reality.

Each week, we will have an interactive and personal group coaching call on Zoom.

 You will be seen, heard, and understood – this is my highest priority and commitment to you.

Included with this group coaching circle, you will also receive handouts, worksheets, and other materials for each lesson to help you fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Your 7 Weeks To Emerge as a Thriving Feminine Empath Visionary:
Week 1: Reconnect With Your Soul Purpose
Week 2:  Pathways to Greater Success
Week 3: Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Fears, Self Doubt, & Shadows
Week 4: The 7 qualities of feminine leadership
Week 5: How To Show up To Your Full potential
Week 6: Reclaim Your Power
Week 7:  Unleash Your Brilliance and Discover Your Highest Calling
Week 8 – Bonus call: business talk to prosper and grow- tools and Q&A for your next steps

Techniques & tools that are included in this program:

Get organized:
SMART Goal Setting
Time management

Limiting beliefs & Shadow work:
Somatic therapy body movement
Meditation, Breathwork & affirmations
EFT – emotional freedom technique
Chakra system activation with yoga dance
Brain Gym

Self Improvement Tools:
Communication skills
Setting Healthy Boundaries
Assertiveness Work
Reflection Work

Empowerment tools:
7 Qualities of Feminine Leadership
Manifesting your Inner Soul Calling and Purpose
Discovering who you truly are
Abundance Mindset

+Bonus 7 recordings of each session

+Bonus 7 workbooks PDF download

+Bonus 7 Skills for a Masterful Spiritual group Facilitator.

+Bonus FREE 30 minute 1:1 oracle card reading

+Bonus Email Support throughout the entire 7 weeks

+Bonus Join the free FB group to share your brilliance

+Bonus (Week 8) Bonus Call to discuss next steps, business, and how you can continue to grow in your new-found callings.

Are you courageous enough?
Sign up now!

This exclusive Group Coaching Circle only has 10 spots available. They WILL fill up fast. Reserve your spot now!

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    Meet Your Mentor

    Kohava is a women’s advocate, a mother, and a wife.  She dedicates her career to serving as a spiritual empath entrepreneur, holistic nurse practitioner, master healer, visionary lightworker, and spiritual teacher. She is the founder of Emerging Vibrant Woman and the leader of the Soul Sisterhood Collective~Thriving Empath Visionaries Facebook Group. Kohava has mentored many women to step into their power and to manifest their higher purpose.

    Her mission, is helping feminine spiritual empaths, soul workers helping others to heal while also experiencing their own life’s challenges. She supports women to show up to their full potential. She is passionate about guiding them to build a courageous mindset and overcome limiting beliefs of fear and doubt. As she guides women through this journey, they become empowered to courageously shine, communicate assertively, fearlessly speak up, evolve and flourish and ultimately, easily lead a life toward their success.

    She is committed to growth, healing, empowerment, learning, transformation, spreading love, light, and positive vibration.

    Kohava offers many programs and private sessions that reflect on her commitments. Explore her website for more free gifts to support your pathway to success.

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