Kohava Howard is a Life Coach

Kohava Howard

 Jungian Life Coach, Mindset Coach
& Holistic Nurse Practitioner

Mentoring Holistic Visionaries to Thrive and Lead With Ease

Are you ready to…

  • Feel confident
  • Thrive & Grow
  • Create a Clear vision
  • Manifest Your Life With Ease
  • Courageously Show up

Calling all…

Women on a spiritual journey, Healers, Empaths, Nurses, Holistic lightworkers, Highly sensitive Transformational coaches, and self-improvement seekers…

Welcome, Beautiful!

Everyone is a leader of their life or business, but, how can you lead with ease, how can you be authentic and do it from within and not like everyone else, how can you find your unique way to show up courageously?

As a soul worker, we often share similar struggles & challenges…

  • Inner resistance and fear of showing up that prevents us from moving forward
  • Difficulty releasing old patterns
  • Aiming for perfection and competing with oneself
  • Unhealthy self-talk & inner critic
  • Lack of confidence or self-esteem
  • Self-doubt and intimidation
  • Lack of direction and clarity
  • Overwhelming thinking and tasks
  • Chronic stress


Together, we will unlock the pathways to your inner world and unfold your unique hero quest to achieve your great calling…


“Here are some ways that Kohava has helped me get my beautiful life back.  She has taught me being present, in the now, is what matters. She taught me how to love my inner child and have self-compassion. She has encouraged me to build my confidence and, because of that, I am starting my own business, able to take chances, and able to trust people again. I feel grateful. I see opportunities and gifts from the Universe. Self-love is so very important. I am enough.”

~Samantha P.

An Empowered Woman

…is an emerging, vibrant woman who listens and dances to the rhythms of her soul, who evolves from within and reclaims her beautiful, unique self.

Women in circle of support

I Believe…

That we all can overcome fear, great challenges, and obstacles. I know that inside of each and every one of us there is a unique power to make it happen courageously!

As a Jungian Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner, I help holistic lightworkers master their leadership mindset, create a clear vision, be strategic, develop a courageous and daring mindset and have the freedom to show up authentically to light up the world. I created unique coaching pathways that integrate many powerful modalities to achieve success in life and business. 

You are honored and welcomed here, Come as you are, Be yourself~ it is a safe and supportive space for women like you to:

  • Empower your mind~ your inner wisdom and free yourself from limiting beliefs
  • Release emotional wounds from the Past
  • Reclaim Your Beautiful Inner Feminine Power~ Fearless Freedom!
  • Embrace your light ~ your authentic self, Rediscover your voice to speak your truth
  • unleash your creativity.
  • Evolve from your soul into a courageous, vibrant, confident woman with inner peace, clarity, and direction.

Your Journey Begins With

Investing In Your True Self!

Learn To Value Yourself.

Learn To Communicate Effectively & build relationships With Others.

Learn To Navigate Through Life Transitions With Balance.

Develop Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, And Self-Respect.

Live To The Full Potential Of Your True Self And Be The Best Version Of Yourself.

Learn To Be Strategic & Get Organized.

Learn To Set Achievable Goals.

Discover Inner Peace & Manage Life Stress With Ease.

Learn Empowering Tools & Expand Your Holistic Practice

Find Your True Calling And Purpose.

Organize Your Vision In A Simple And Grounded Way That Includes Breaking It Down Into Simple Steps And Creating A Path To Success.

Gain The Confidence You Need To Show Up As A Strong & authentic Leader.

Learn Practical Strategies You Can Implement That Will Help Your Business To Grow.

Create The Successful Business You Desire And Manifest Your Vision.

Active Memberships and Certifications

Reiki Healing Association
UCI Life Coach
UCI Solution Focused Coach
International Institute for Complimentary Therapists
Rainbow Kids Yoga
Let Your Yoga Dance
International Institute for Complimentary Therapists

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